Secretary’s Desk

Dear Friends, “Pursuit of excellence demands unconditional commitment and fullest of dedication while at the same time paying greatest attention to minutest details”. Whole world is changing, globalization is the new mantra, new technology is evolving, and innovation is today’s requirement. In such a scenario an educational institution has a profound role to play in strengthening the youth of today, in turn the society and the nation. We are hopeful that DmbH School of Nursing will transform the students into learned, enlightened and dynamic young professionals, ready to face the challenges of Society and Industry and add to the growth and prosperity of the nation.
DmbH School of Nursing is an institute in West Bengal that ensure your future today. My beloved students, our great faculties and enriched courses are now developed with updated technologies and informations, that makes you confident in future progress, growth your skills with best. Our heartly desire and promises gives you a secure placement. In this pandemic situation our dedication gives us a new beautiful day. Lets go for your happy future.
Mr. Wasim Akram Mondal