Chairman’s Desk

Since HAJI MAHAMMED ALI MONDAL EDUCATIONAL & SOCIO WELFARE TRUST is working for the development of the district by imparting best quality education to all. The society believes that education is the only way to improve the quality of life by making the best individuals both morally and intellectually. Bearing in mind the above facts the organization has come up with a proposal of establishing the Dmbh School of Nursing.
Nursing training will provide job opportunity to the women. This will add better health care services in the hospitals of our state and above all this institute will give a boost to the local economy. Health sector is one of the most important areas where there is ample scope for improvement in our State. Nurses are the heart of every hospital. They provide services to the patient’s day in and day out. Therefore, it was our long term vision to establish a nursing institution to contribute to the improvement in health care delivery system of our State.
In view of the above the HAJI MAHAMMED ALI MONDAL
EDUCATIONAL & SOCIO WELFARE TRUST started the DmbH School of Nursing at Dadpur, Chinsurah, Hooghly. This I believe will add a feather to the crown of the our state West Bengal and its percolating effect will spread all around the population of West Bengal
Mr. Mahammed Ali Mondal Chairman